Celebrating America with a Brontosaurus Rib (and Beer)

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday for many reasons. Here is a very condensed list. 1) America 2) Bikinis 3) Patriotic outfits 4) Beer 5) Day drinking 6) Sunshine (Hurricane Arthur please spare us this year) 7) Fireworks 8) Burgers … Continue reading


My NYC food bucket list is pretty long and complicated, but there is one item that has always been at the top: the mac & cheese pancakes from Shopsin’s. Last spring I wrote a piece about some of the most … Continue reading

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Oatmeal Exists

And so does truffle parmesan oatmeal. And so does pumpkin pie oatmeal. And so does banana, peanut butter and bacon oatmeal. And so do 20 other exotic oatmeal combinations that could make anyone feel excited. Where, you ask? Oatmeals How … Continue reading

One Girl, Two Bagels

The other day, I want to Tompkins Square Bagels with my friend who also happens to be a food blogger, except unlike me, she’s gluten free. We’re basically the gluten-free and the glutton. Our mission is to find restaurants this … Continue reading

Bagel Ballin’ at Bantam Bagels

There is nothing worse than choosing which bagel to eat. It’s probably one of the biggest and most dangerous commitments that any human being has to make with the exception of marriage — one bagel, one spread, and all of the … Continue reading

Coconut Craze at The Hurricane Club

Overall rating: ★★★ Now that it is 37 degrees outside on the reg, I am beginning to miss the beauty of summer and tropical foods and drinks. So I figured I would let you all know about one of the best … Continue reading

The Dutch: Actually Quite American

The Dutch 131 Sullivan Street New York, NY 10012 http://thedutchnyc.com/ Going to a nice, cozy lunch at the Dutch is an ideal way to spend a rainy Manhattan Tuesday afternoon. After trekking through the rain, I waited in the main … Continue reading

The Corner Shop Café: an NYU Student’s Dream

The Corner Shop Café 643 Broadway New York, NY 10012 http://cornershopcafe.com/ Summary: Dining Experience: ★★★★ — cool dishes for great prices Budget: $$ — dinner entrees are more expensive than lunch or brunch As I read the pages of my book for … Continue reading