3 Superfood Oat Breakfasts that Make You Forget You’re Being Healthy

As a food blogger who gets asked almost every day,  “how are you not fat?” I must stress that it is important to, yes, eat healthy. It’s all about moderation, my friends. But eating healthy does not mean you have … Continue reading

Banana Chocolate Chia Oat Pancakes (Vegan/Gluten-free)

Breakfast is important. That’s why I like to spend lots of time and energy on making myself good breakfasts every day. One myth that surrounds breakfast is that pancakes are bad for you. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have some good … Continue reading

3 Ultimate Pumpkin Pie Breakfasts to Celebrate Fall

Sometimes I will just go on random ingredient sprees. This week (as it is the first week of fall) I decide to buy some pumpkin purée. Let me clarify —not pumpkin pie purée or any chemical pumpkin ingredient. I like to … Continue reading

7 Foods to Try this Fall at Madison Square Eats

Madison Square Eats is back and bikini season is over (thank god). Now we can all get back to our fattening lives and prep our stomachs for the holiday season. First stop? Madison Square Eats. Here are some foods to try this fall: Pro … Continue reading

Cinnamon Roll Protein Coffeecakes

Pancakes that taste like cinnamon rolls and have protein? Sounds good to me. And it probably sounded good to you because you ended up here on this recipe page. These cinnamon roll coffee protein pancakes make for an energizing and … Continue reading

GAME CHANGER: Snow Cream at Snowdays Shavery

The best discoveries are made when you least expect it. And when I stumbled upon Snowdays Shavery (which actually just opened a few days ago in the east village) I did not expect to spend the next 20 minutes scarfing … Continue reading

Gluten-free Avocado Toast Pizza

Being gluten-free and avocado toast are both super trendy right now. And pizza is always trendy because it’s pizza and everyone loves it. I am not gluten-free, but I do love avocado toast, pizza, and challenging myself to make new … Continue reading

Strawberry Pop-Tart Icebox Cake AKA 90’s Fat Kid Dream Cake

I have said this before and I will say it again: Pop-Tarts have a much larger purpose in life than to be thrown into a toaster for breakfast. This is because a) Pop-Tarts do not make for a balanced breakfast … Continue reading