Sunday ~*Soul Food*~ at Sweet Chick

If there’s one dish that’s become super trendy lately, it’s chicken and waffles. It’s outrageously delicious and simple enough for chefs to add their own fun twists. The first time I tried chicken and waffles was at 2:30 a.m. after a … Continue reading

Experimenting with Overpriced Vegan, Gluten-Free Pizza

As you all know, I produce a weekly YouTube show with my gluten-free friend called Table Manners. If you didn’t know that, now you do. Each week, we find a restaurant that has both outrageous and gluten-free options to cater … Continue reading

A Wise American Man Once Said, “Let There be Ramen.” And This is What Happened.

A Jewish, white guy from Long Island walks into Tokyo. And opens a Ramen shop. This is what Ivan Orkin, chef & owner of Ivan Ramen did in 2007. And this is what he did again in 2010. And now … Continue reading


My NYC food bucket list is pretty long and complicated, but there is one item that has always been at the top: the mac & cheese pancakes from Shopsin’s. Last spring I wrote a piece about some of the most … Continue reading

One Girl, Two Bagels

The other day, I want to Tompkins Square Bagels with my friend who also happens to be a food blogger, except unlike me, she’s gluten free. We’re basically the gluten-free and the glutton. Our mission is to find restaurants this … Continue reading

Tabélog Tasting Event at Sakamai

Tabélog, the number one restaurant review website in Japan, has expanded to New York! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tabélog, it basically runs the dining scene in Japan with more than 50 million monthly users and 4.7 … Continue reading

Loreley Restaurant & Biergarten: Fun for the Culinary Adventurist

Loreley 7 Rivington Street New York, NY 10002 Overall rating: ★★★ Manhattan is known for being full of diversity and culture — it is the urban metropolis where people from all different walks of life begin to venture on the … Continue reading

Sugar Café: Not As Sweet As it Sounds

Sugar Café 200 Allen Street New York, NY 10002 I am a huge fan of late night bites and I must admit, I find myself with a cheeseburger in my hand at peculiar hours of the night a little … Continue reading