WATCH: What Happens At Dim Sum

Dim sum is the kind of meal that is rich with tradition, yet always full of surprises. I’ve done dim sum before. I’ve done classic dumplings (for noobs), I’ve been to Nom Wah Tea Parlor (New York City’s oldest dim … Continue reading

America’s Next Top Bun (A Definitive Ranking of Jum Mum Buns)

When you think of buns you probably think of bread, a slang word for buttox, or the pretty pork buns that pop up in your Instagram feed. However, the world of buns is much more diverse than that. In Chinese cuisine, … Continue reading

How to Eat Fried Dough, Pork Buns, Chicken’s Feet …and More in One Sitting

It’s called dim sum. The holy grail for financially unstable binge eaters who like Chinese food. And this is how it’s done. What I learned from this experience: Don’t order a personal plate of fried dough. It’s much better to share … Continue reading