Sunday ~*Soul Food*~ at Sweet Chick

If there’s one dish that’s become super trendy lately, it’s chicken and waffles. It’s outrageously delicious and simple enough for chefs to add their own fun twists. The first time I tried chicken and waffles was at 2:30 a.m. after a night of clubbing during my freshman year of college (I am thoroughly embarrassed to admit that but I feel as though I must be honest). Anyway, I took a bite of my friend’s chicken and waffles at Cafeteria, a fancy late night restaurant in Chelsea, because I was drungry (drunk hungry). After that bite, I realized the magic that is chicken and waffles. Since that moment, I have noticed chicken and waffles popping up all over New York. But last February, there was a game changer. It was called Sweet Chick and it specialized in chicken and waffles. The soul food restaurant first opened in Brooklyn, but with my busy schedule I didn’t really have time to make the trek. But lucky for me, the owners opened another location in the Lower East Side this year! So I decided to go. Here’s how it was:

Let me say a few things that I forgot to say in that video because I was in a euphoric state of mind.

  • The wait is pretty long on Saturdays and Sundays at “brunch time.” So plan wisely or go at an odd hour.
  • This place had great service. Our waiter wasn’t only nice, but he was enthusiastic and really contributed to the fun, soulful vibes of the place. This place is just one good vibe.
  • The chicken was super tender and fried to perfection. The seasoning also had a prominent peppery taste to add a kick.
  • The sticky bun was soft and gooey with a nice giant dollop of icing —the way it should be done.
  • The maple glazed bacon was indeed like crack. It was sticky, sweet, and savory.
  • If I had room in my stomach I would have gotten the doughnut ice cream sandwich and that’s what I will do next time I attend.


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