WATCH: What Happens At Dim Sum

Dim sum is the kind of meal that is rich with tradition, yet always full of surprises. I’ve done dim sum before. I’ve done classic dumplings (for noobs), I’ve been to Nom Wah Tea Parlor (New York City’s oldest dim sum parlor), and I’ve even embarked on Cantonese dim sum brunches in Hong Kong. It had been a while since I’d embarked on a dim sum adventure, so I decided it was time for a Chinatown dim sum outing.

There were lots of options in Chinatown, so I kind of just picked one and went with it — Jing Fong Restaurant. And while I thought I knew what to expect (I think I was cocky considering my “sophisticated” dim sum past) I was taken aback by this fast paced, exciting, gluttonous Cantonese eating marathon that was right here in my backyard. It definitely felt more like a sprint.


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