Experimenting with Overpriced Vegan, Gluten-Free Pizza

As you all know, I produce a weekly YouTube show with my gluten-free friend called Table Manners. If you didn’t know that, now you do. Each week, we find a restaurant that has both outrageous and gluten-free options to cater to both of our culinary interests. This week, we ended up going to Pala Pizza because they are known for having great gluten-free pizza. We had heard about it before, and I figured why not just go and see what happens, which is not what I should have done. We got there and all the options were first of all, extremely expensive ($18-21 for a regular/gluten-free/ or vegan pizza) and second of all, their options for regular pizza eaters like myself weren’t that exciting.  I love being adventurous and trying new things, and none of these options really had that “it factor.”

So, I went the other way. I decided to experiment with vegan, gluten-free pizza, since this is something I’ve never really dabbled in. This is what happened.

Because I like to go all out, I got a gluten-free pizza crust with vegan daiya cheese, vegan sausage and mushrooms. Reactions are all featured above for your viewing pleasure. But here are some still photos of the pizza, also for your viewing pleasure.

above shot

above shot

bendy crust pic

bendy crust shot


proving I’m not eating alone shot

One thought on “Experimenting with Overpriced Vegan, Gluten-Free Pizza

  1. you know who honestly makes delicious vegan gluten free pizzas? Amy’s Organics brand (in the freezer). I’ve been eating them since I was little just cause they taste good and I still love them. My fav is the roasted vegetable pizza.

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