If You Can’t Decide Between Reese’s Puffs, PB&J or a Healthy Breakfast….Make This

I call this concoction “The Answer” because it is the answer (get it?) to the common dilemma of not knowing if you want Reese’s Puffs, PB&J or something healthy for breakfast (hence the title of this post). Another name for this breakfast dish is the “Almond Butter Banana & Raspberry Chocolate Chia Pudding Special” because it makes more sense, so if you want, you can refer it to that as well.

I apologize in advance that I have no pictures of the steps, I didn’t think I would write the recipe online because The Answer was just an impulsive breakfast experiment. But you all seemed to really relate with this Reese’s Puffs vs. PB&J vs. healthy breakfast dilemma on Instagram and some of you even asked for a recipe. So here it is!




A glass/cup/gauntlet/bucket/whatever
Almond butter (or peanut butter)
1/4 cup Chia seeds
1 cup Chocolate almond milk (or plain, and add cocoa powder)
Spoon (or eating device of your choice)


The night before, take the cup of your almond milk, pour it into a bowl and pour the chia seeds into the milk. Stir the seeds into the milk, cover with plastic wrap and let it sit in the fridge over night.

How to make “The Answer:”

1) Take your chia pudding out of the fridge and stir.

FUN TIP: If you’re feeling frisky and your craving for Reese’s is really strong, mix in some almond butter with your chia pudding. Stir until it is blended.

2) Take the glass and put a scoop of almond butter at the bottom. Flatten it with your spoon.

3) Slice a banana and make a layer of slices however thick you want.

4) Pour a layer of chia pudding over the bananas.

5) Take remaining banana slices and place on top of the layer of chia pudding. It will probably sink, but who cares because the only reason you need your food to look good is for Instagram, anyway.

6) Pour the rest of the chia pudding on top.

7) Top with raspberries (or if you don’t want raspberries, top with more bananas).

8) Grab the spoon.

9) Put the spoon into all of the layers.

get right on in there

get right on in there

10) Lift up the spoon.


11) Open your mouth.

12) Bring the spoon towards your mouth and make an expression of excitement.


like this

13) Put the spoon into your mouth.

Congratulations! You have successfully eaten breakfast!!! 


please excuse the cheap Smirnoff on top of my fridge

One thought on “If You Can’t Decide Between Reese’s Puffs, PB&J or a Healthy Breakfast….Make This

  1. I saw raspberries , and immediately thought of your Aunt Patty. As of this Friday she will have been gone 12 years. You were SO young Sky, hopefully you have a couple memories of the beautiful, loving, lovely
    lady that she was. I know she’s watching over us all..love you sweet, talented God daughter of mine :))

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