Why Macaron Parlour is Awesome

Macarons make everyone feel some type of way. I’ve traveled to places all around the world (Paris, London, New Zealand, Hong Kong to name a few), and no matter where I’ve gone, I’ve never encountered a macaron shortage. Even in Hong Kong, people were piled up in shopping malls (Hong Kong is surprisingly made up of several malls) waiting in line at Pierre Hermé to buy anything from foie gras chocolate macarons dusted in gold glitter to white truffle and hazelnut macarons. Even though Pierre Hermé is French and Hong Kong is simply not, there’s just something about the macaron that’s very mesmerizing.

One theme I’ve noticed with macaron shops is decadence. I don’t know about you, but when I walk into Ladurée I feel as though I need to put my pinky up and grab a glass of rosé champagne stat. That’s not the vibe I get with Macaron Parlour. I’ve loved Macaron Parlour for years now, but lately I have wondered why I love this shop so much (this is the sad mind of a food blogger — while you think about why you love your friends and family,  I think about why I love a macaron shop.)

This is what I concluded:

Macaron Parlour makes macarons fun. Their flavors are just as cool and crazy as what you could find at any other macaron shop (maybe nothing like foie gras or white truffle), but they have this down to earth appeal with flavors like “Party Time,” S’mores and Candied Bacon with Maple Cream Cheese where they describe the ingredients as “Nuff Said.” They even took one of America’s trashiest, cheapest snacks (Cheetos) and turned it into a macaron. I haven’t tried it, but kudos to you Macaron Parlor. You can’t find that at Ladurée.


Macron Parlor makes the macaron seem like a cool cookie instead of a decadent snack that I’m too scared to eat. They even turned one of my favorite childhood characters/stuffed animals into a macaron ice cream sandwich that is a m a z i n g. The Care Bear Stare. Two pastel swirl macaron rounds with salted caramel ice cream. Bam.


Macaron Parlour just gets it. I don’t know why, but they just do. I  don’t feel as if I’m trying too hard to be posh when I eat, take a selfie with, or Instagram their macarons. And that’s a really great quality that I look for in sugary confections.

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