Coconut Craze at The Hurricane Club

Overall rating: ★★★

Now that it is 37 degrees outside on the reg, I am beginning to miss the beauty of summer and tropical foods and drinks. So I figured I would let you all know about one of the best restaurants/bars to help you feel tropical all year round in Manhattan: The Hurricane Club. Their menu consists of Asian-Hawaiian fusion appetizers, entrées and beverages to satisfy even the most “summer-nostalgic” people who are still wearing their parkas and earmuffs.

I have been to the Hurricane Club a few times and I have two outstanding recommendations that everyone has to at least try once in their lives.

1) Coconut Basmati Rice: This rice is fits its name as it is served in a coconut with additional shavings on top. It is sweet, but it does not go overboard on your taste buds. It also has a creamy, yet very light and airy texture that leaves you savoring every bite. This is a side dish, so if you want a little “snack” this is perfect, or if you are a very hungry person, you can order it on the side of your entrée (I have done both).


2) #77: This cocktail (a bit pricy) tastes like a vacation in a coconut. With spiced rum, cardamom and passionfruit, this drink is anything but the overly sweet Bahama Mama. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a sweet beverage, but instead of being overpowering and “malibu-esque”, it tastes more like fresh mango (or passion fruit) with some extra spice.


Another good thing about getting the #77 is that you can take pictures like this (even in December).


Side Notes:

The Double-Crispy Beef is very sweet and kind of resembles a crunchier, upgraded sesame chicken. I did not think it was worth $31.

The dumplings are very good and soft.

If you’re with a big party, you might want to splurge on the infamous Watermelon.


(Photo from Yelp)

Riff Raff’s (the nightclub/lounge) is downstairs and depending on the night, it can be a pretty fun time. (i.e.: if you have seen photos of your NYC friends dancing with tribal paint on their faces, that is where they were).

Overall rating: ★★★

Lively environment


Fun drinks


Pretty loud restaurant if you’re into quieter places

Young scene Some entrées not worth the $$

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