MacBar: the Unique Macaroni Boutique


54 Prince Street

New York, NY 10012

First of all: it has been a while since I have updated you all of my dining adventures due to final exams and holiday shenanigans, but don’t worry, I have a lot of new reviews coming this January so please stay tuned!

Christmas went by so fast; it feels like just yesterday when I was violently swinging shopping bags and bumping into people as I shopped for gifts on Broadway. Honestly, Christmas shopping in Soho was the biggest workout I have had all year – you all should definitely switch up your exercise regimine and head there with your sneakers and wallet.

Anyway, after a good five hours of shopping, my family and I decided to stop for a quick snack at the quaint, yet hip, macaroni bar on Prince Street: MacBar. I had been there before a couple of years ago and I absolutely needed the cheeseburger macaroni in my stomach after such a long day of “exercise.”

So my parents and I stepped inside the tiny, yellow noodle shaped (yes it is intentional) macaroni bar and waited to order our food. I ordered the Cheeseburger Mac which is macaroni with ground angus beef, cheddar and American cheese. My father ended up ordering the Mayan Chipotle macaroni with chicken Diablo, Chihuahua cheese and green onions. We had made dinner reservations for a couple hours later, so we decided that two small sizes would be the perfect snack to keep us energized and content for the rest of our intense cardio-style shopping day.

Unfortunately, MacBar has pretty minimal seating with a booth along the wall and 4 small yellow tables with 4 stools. So if you plan on eating there, just don’t make it a party of 5 because that would be pretty obnoxious and kind of awkward. My parents and I waited for our food and we were pretty annoyed that the table of 3 next to us was using 2 tables to eat. They obviously don’t have proper MacBar etiquette. However, luckily for us, they ended up finishing the minute we got our food 15 minutes later.


No matter what kind of macaroni you order, it will always just look like some golden brown cheese in a tin foil square. Here is a picture of the mayan chipotle macaroni and the cheeseburger mac before we dug in.


Mayan Chipotle


Cheeseburger Mac

If you like cheeseburgers and macaroni, you should definitely get the Cheeseburger Mac because it is the perfect mix of the two. Also, if you don’t want to try a really crazy macaroni with a bunch of different flavors and ingredients, the cheeseburger mac is a great classic choice that has some “umph” but not too much. The cheddar and American cheese are classic and creamy while the angus beef is mixed throughout the cheesy noodles to give it a “cheeseburger” flavor. Tip: mixing some ketchup into your cheeseburger mac adds some extra flavor and gives the dish an edge, so you should try it.


(Cheeseburger mac taken with @nycdining Instagram)

The Mayan Chipotle macaroni was served with some green onions on top of the chihuahua cheese top. When I took a bite, I noticed that the chicken Diablo gave the dish a smoky and spicy flavor. The cheese was creamy and blended well with the thinly sliced chicken, but to be honest, I was not a big fan of the smoky flavor (that is why my dad ordered this and I did not). If you like spicy and smoky dishes, the Mayan Chipotle is a good choice, but if you like more classic Italian pasta dishes, then I would recommend going with something else.


(Mayan Chipotle taken with @nycdining Instagram)

MacBar is very affordable and has always been one of my favorite little macaroni shops in New York. However, I truly wish that another MacBar would open in the city with some more seating to make the dining experience less fast-paced and stressful.

On another note, if you like classic Italian pasta dishes, you should opt for the Primavera macaroni, Carbonara, Margarita, Four Cheese, Mac ‘Shroom, or Mac Lobsta’. If you like classic macaroni, go for the Four Cheese, the Classic or Cheeseburger Mac. Lastly, if you want to take the plunge and do something different, go for the Mayan Chipotle, Mac Reuben, Mac Stroganoff or the Mac Quack.

4/5 stars.


Suggestion: If MacBar is out of your way and you want to try a fun macaroni place, you can also go to S’mac, located in the East Village.

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