Election Day at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ

116 E 16th St

New York,  NY 10003


Like every other college student who cares about the well being of the United States of America, Election Day made me excited and anxious. So what better way to celebrate/wallow in nervousness than go to a sports bar and eat some old fashioned guy food, have some beer…and drink out of a fish bowl full of a mysterious beverage with about a bajillion straws and plastic lizard inside. The answer: there is no better way to spend your Election Day.

My friends and I headed to Brother Jimmy’s BBQ after spending the first hour of Election Day at Spring Street Lounge. Spring Street Lounge is usually a great place to grab drinks with friends on the weekend, but for the election, it was not the best choice.  So we left and went to our desperate go-to due to convenient location and influx of college students on the reg: Brother Jimmy’s.

If you go to NYU, chances are you know what Brother Jimmy’s is. If you do not know what it is, it is a sports bar (one of the locations conveniently located on Union Square East) that a lot of NYU students, sports lovers, and straight men go to. (Yes, ladies, I said straight men. Maybe not the best quality, but they’re there!) As an NYU student who lives near Union Square, I have spent an unusually worrisome amount of time at Brother Jimmy’s. My friends and I frequently end up there on odd days of the week and partake in strange activities (ie: one time I ended up singing live with a band, another time I ended up breaking out into hives without explanation, and a third time some man ended up dancing with a chair and we all gathered around and watched/maybe participated a little). So basically, you never know what you’re going to get with Brother Jimmy’s, but it can be a fun spot.

So anyway, my friends and I arrived at Brother Jimmy’s about an hour before the results of the Election were due to be announced. I was hungry so I naturally decided to order myself the the Northern Style Ribs with a side of macaroni and cheese and sweet potato fries. My friend ordered the exact same thing as me with a side of regular fries, and all four of us decided to get ourselves two fish bowls to split. A fish bowl is actually a very delicious mixed drink that comes with a bunch of colorful straws and a plastic lizard. We had never had one before, so we decided it was time for us to indulge a little.

Our fish bowls (properly named on the menu “Swamp Water”) arrived at the table as my friend and I waited for our food. Since we had never had one before, we were skeptical about the taste. However, we were pleasantly surprised that the fish bowls were awesome. They had a sweet taste with a hint of lemonade and an indescribable ingredient that I do not know, but it tasted really good! If you are sensitive to the taste of alcohol, this concoction is great because you literally can’t taste it, but don’t worry, it is in there. Also on a side note, Brother Jimmy’s has an infamous Long Island Iced tea and their Margarita is pretty solid (both of which are served in a jar)


This is me awkwardly hanging out with my fish bowl. I’m pretty sure there was a misunderstanding when this picture was taken.

And here are also some pictures of drinks I have acquired over time.


Margarita in a jar (taken with @nycdining Instagram)


Long Island Iced Tea in a jar (sorry about my nails)

Our food arrived thirty minutes later (sadly our fish bowls were all gone) and I noticed that I ordered a lot more food than I expected. The ribs were humungous and extremely meaty and the sides could be meals in themselves. The Northern Ribs also came with a side of cornbread along with the sides I already got. I could barely finish my dish, but it was very delicious for what I had. Each rib was so meaty and juicy with sweet barbecue sauce. I asked the waitress what made the Northern Ribs different from the other choices, and she said they are the sweetest of them all, so if you do not like spicy food, Northern Ribs are for you.


Here are the humungous Northern ribs with macaroni, sweet potato fries, cornbread and pickles

When the election announcement was made I had finished my food and everyone had gathered around the bar. Unfortunately there really wasn’t a celebration (probably because it was a Tuesday) but I have been to Brother Jimmy’s BBQ before when there has been a celebration (ie: the superbowl).

Either way, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ is a fun bar for college students and anyone who wants to sit down and have a beer or “swamp water.” If you go to NYU and haven’t gone to Brother Jimmy’s, you should probably check it out once. But otherwise, I don’t recommend going to Brother Jimmy’s just to eat (the meals are actually pretty expensive for basic BBQ food). I feel like you have to have a reason to eat there such as a sports game, celebration, college drinking fest etc.

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