Skyler Attacks the Kitchen

Today I decided to make a nice dinner that took more effort than making eggs, pasta or cereal. So, on that note, I decided to make lamb shoulder chops (sounds weird but its just lamb shoulder meat without the bone removed) and truffle mashed potatoes! I had never made either of these before, so I was hoping it would turn out well, and surprisingly it did!

I made the mashed potatoes from the recipe on What’s Cooking America and added white truffle olive oil and parmesan cheeseto the mix. The potatoes took about 45 minutes to make, so I recommend making them before the lamb, which only takes about 15 minutes.

For the lamb, I just covered each chop in garlic powder, sea salt and black pepper. Then I placed them in a skillet filled with onions, olive oil and butter to add the final touch. I let them sit until the first side was brown then flipped to the other until it was also brown and they were finished!

This was a delicious dish and one of my first homemade ones that I actually enjoyed, so if you wanna feel cool too, go ahead and make yourself some lamb shoulder chops and truffled mashed potatoes!

Ps. Sorry the potatoes look really weird in that picture.

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