My Halloweekend with Artichoke Pizza

Artichoke Pizza

114 10th Avenue

New York NY, 10011

While we are all starving or maybe still partying from Halloweekend in our apartments during this hurricane, I decided I would write about something to make us more miserable and hungry: Artichoke Basille’s Pizza. My Halloween weekend was full of shameless eating, which has been proven to be much better while wearing a costume. On Saturday, my day consisted of: waking up, putting on my sailor outfit, going to brunch, eating complimentary sliders and french fries at PH-D rooftop at Dream Hotel, then after that, my friends and I went to Artichoke Pizza to eat more.

I have no way of defending my eating habits, so you can judge if you want…but you just shouldn’t because it was all delicious and a great way to spend the Saturday of Halloweekend. I can’t provide a real review for food at PH-D but I will put a picture of the sliders and the fries in here just because I have them. I don’t really know where they came from, but yea, here they are. They were quite delicious, so if you are at the Dream Hotel and see sliders on the menu, get them. Don’t mind my poor excuse of a manicure in the slider picture.


Anyway, I know I have raved about Artichoke Pizza in my previous article where I mourn the terrible quality of their new frozen product. However, I decided I might as well tell you all about the actual Artichoke Pizza restaurant and their wonderful signature creamy, artichoke pizza because it is one of my favorite slices available in Manhattan thus far.

So after my friends and I went to PH-D for a bit, we decided it was time to stuff our faces a little more. Two of them had never had Artichoke pizza before, so I made everyone get it because you can’t live in New York and not ever have it. We get to Artichoke and it is crowded like usual. It wasn’t overwhelming, just full of people. But dealing with the crowd is just one of the sacrifices you have to make if you decide to eat at Artichoke because no matter what hour of the day you go, it is always a bit crowded.

Luckily we got a table right when we walked in. (Side note: keep in mind that we went to the Chelsea location which has indoor seating. The locations in the West and East villages unfortunately do not have real seating, just a couple seats on a window sill.) We ordered after ten minutes and I made everyone get the classic Artichoke pizza slice which consists of artichoke hearts, spinach,  cream sauce, and a blend of cheeses.

After we ordered we impatiently waited for our pizza to get to the table. I even stooped so low as to poor parmesan cheese on my plate and eat it with a fork to entertain my taste buds. I’m only human. But don’t worry guys, I won’t ever do that again in a public place

Twenty to thirty minutes later (it felt like eternity because we were so hungry and I was so excited) our four pieces of pizza came to the table. They looked so beautiful and were served to us on a silver platter (literally).

We all took a bite of our pieces of pizza and everyone loved it except my one friend wasn’t in love because she doesn’t love creamy foods. I guess I should have told her that the artichoke pizza slices are very extra creamy before she ordered, but regardless she ate half of the giant piece. On the other hand, I was in heaven as I ate my humungous slice. The bottom layer of the thick crust crust was crisp while the top layer was soft and covered in cream sauce to make it softer. The cheeses, spinach and artichoke blend so well with the cream sauce and taste delightful. I have had pizza with cream based sauces before, and I have never had anything like the original artichoke pizza slice.

This is me in heaven dressed as a sailor.

The slices at Artichoke Pizza may seem a little over priced, but I think it is definitely worth it because they are so big and delicious. However, because it is so rich, Artichoke Pizza should definitely be a treat for once in a while, not an everyday indulgence. I also have had the margarita slice from Artichoke and it is really delicious as well. So even if you are not going to get the original piece, you should check out Artichoke anyway. But if you have not yet read my article about their frozen pizza please know that their pizza is much better when it is fresh. You can read my true feelings about their frozen pizza here.

I hope you guys had a food filled Halloweekend like I did. I also hope you are all being safe during Hurricane Sandy, or that you’re just continuing the party in a safe place. Stay dry everyone! 4 stars for Artichoke!

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