Beating the Flu with Seamless

So I haven’t been posting lately because I have the flu. For some reason I always become victim of influenza in October, it’s some sick tradition. Anyways, nothing is worse than getting painfully sick with a 102 degree fever, aches, chills and sore throat…and having no one to cater you. Even worse is having no one to feed you.

But, the good news is that there is a solution for all of us slowly dying sick individuals who live alone! The answer is Seamless Web.

For the past 2 days I have been having breakfast all day. I started off with cereal and then found myself craving more breakfast for dinner. So I clicked on Seamless web to find a diner that delivers the fastest to my location, and I found the Hollywood Diner.

The Hollywood Diner may sound a bit 80’s and outdated, but it was a great choice for me as a dying, sick individual.

So, on Wednesday I ended up order French toast with a side of poached eggs for dinner. I ordered the food at 5:30 pm and to my amaze, someone was knocking on my door at 5:45 pm delivering my French toast. As I was watching Breaking Bad, my new addiction, I opened the box to see how the food looked. The three pieces of French toast looked pretty fresh for being delivered, and the poached eggs were so nicely placed in a cup for me. Also, there was an abundance of packaged butter and syrup on the sides. When I took a bite, the French toast was soft and still warm and gooey, which felt great on my sore throat. The eggs were also soft and full of flavor, but a bit hard to eat out of the cup. I considered pouring the poached eggs onto the French toast, but I decided against it.

Thursday, I woke up around 11:00 and decided I wanted some more food from the Hollywood Diner in my stomach because I literally didn’t have anything good to eat in my apartment. I was banking on a milkshake, but the diner didn’t have very many exciting options, only the typical Neapolitan flavors. So I was going to quit until I saw the words “Red Velvet Pancakes” staring back at me. I had always wanted to try red velvet pancakes so I just decided to get them. Amazingly, they ended up on my doorstep in fifteen minutes as well. I looked in the tin foil “box” and noticed three red velvet pancakes, each one folded in half. When I opened the box, I noticed that there was a cream cheese icing/sauce in between each of the sandwiched pancakes. I didn’t think about buttering the pancakes or using syrup. I just dug right in. The pancakes actually tasted like a fluffier red velvet cupcake with the cream cheese sauce. The one problem with the red velvet pancakes was that the sweetness became a little too overbearing and I soon got tired of the taste after one and a half pancakes.

A lot of the time, Seamless web delivery times can be longer than the ones posted on the site, but it was not the case with the Hollywood Diner. Breakfast in my deathbed has never been so easy and delicious. Seamless web saves lives, I’m telling you. I cannot provide a true rating for Hollywood Diner because I never actually stepped foot inside the restaurant, but from what I ate, it was pretty good. I’m also writing this article to emphasize the fact that seamless web is perfect for sick people in New York. So if you’re on your deathbed like me, order your food on Seamless Web! Also, I promise I will get back to writing more articles as soon as I am fully recovered, so stay tuned!

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