Brindle Room: Dry Aged Burger to Die for

The Brindle Room

277 East 10th Street

New York, NY 10009

I woke up last Friday in a great mood: I was about to meet my friend Josh Beckerman (aka the foodie magician) for lunch, get my hair done (with some complimentary wine) and have a night out on the town with my best friend. Obviously, the best way to start it off was with a juicy cheeseburger and a strawberry lemonade.

I met the foodie magician at the Brindle Room, which is conveniently located right next to my hair salon. It was obvious by the way Josh spoke to the people around him that he was a regular there, but for me, this was a new dining experience. From the outside, Brindle Room looks just as it is: a cute little American café. When I walked inside, I was not surprised by the quaint atmosphere. Cute little wooden tables and chairs lined the cream colored and wooden walls all the way back until the bar area.

The hostess sat us down at the little booth on the left hand side where Josh and I sat down and began to make small talk. He advised me to get a burger (which I obviously would have gotten anyway) and we proceeded to order strawberry lemonades and two medium rare Steakhouse Burgers (mine with American cheese, his with cheddar), caramelized onions and french fries. As we waited, Josh told me that the burgers are made of dry aged beef which makes them extremely soft and tender. I became even more excited to have one of my own.

Our strawberry lemonades were then brought to the table a few minutes later. They looked so summery and I actually found it a little depressing considering Friday was probably the last 80 degree/sunny day that New York will see this year. Anyway, I took a sip of my strawberry lemonade and noticed that it was not as sweet as I imagined it would be. It had a little kick to it and definitely tasted more like lemonade than that with strawberries. Also, it seemed as though there was some mild carbonation in the lemonade as well.

As we sipped our strawberry lemonades and waited for our burgers, Josh proceeded to do some very extraordinary magic tricks where he bent a quarter with his thumb, made a ball appear in my hand, and he even guessed my favorite restaurant in New York. I still don’t understand how he did all of this, especially the restaurant one. It was truly remarkable!

About twenty minutes later, our burgers came. From first glance, I noticed the burger looked fluffier than average and that the caramelized onions appeared thin and fresh on top of the melted American cheese. Then I took a bite. When the beef literally melted in my mouth, I almost fell out of my chair. I obviously didn’t because that would be an awkward first impression. But now I get the hype of the dry aged beef. This burger was just perfect. It was the perfect size and the texture of the meat truly added to its flavor. No condiments needed: the caramelized onions and cheese provided the perfect amount of flavor that complimented that of the beef. I can’t even stress enough how you need to eat this burger at least once in your lifetime.

The French fries were also quite delicious as well. Cooked to a brown crisp, they were crunchy and had much more flavor than the classic “yellow” French fries that are found at a lot of burger joints.

But, I still can’t get over that burger. And as I’m writing this I’m drooling a little. Anyways, the one negative side about the Brindle Room is the minimal selection on the menu. If you want to go to a place with a bunch of choices to choose from, this is not the place. But, it is very affordable and has one of the best burgers I’ve had thus far. So if you’re in the mood for high quality, inexpensive American food, Brindle Room is the place to go! Also, the dinner menu has more options than the lunch menu, so please do give the Brindle Room a visit. 3.75/5 stars.

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