Pop Burger: Trendy Burger Joint on University Place

Pop Burger

83 University Place

New York NY, 10003


Pop Burger is a fun burger scene. I have been there a few times for lunch (because it always gets really crowded at dinner time), and it’s a great place to just hangout and indulge. On a side note (this is completely random), but I find the name of this restaurant so confusing because I never know if it’s Pop Burger or Pop Pub, so I’m just going to call it Pop Burger because it makes more sense. Anyways, pardon my attention deficit disorder. So, like I said, I have been to Pop Burger on University Place a few times and it is a great spot for a relaxed lunch.

As you walk up or down University Place, you can see the modern, lit up “Pop Pub” sign glaring through the window. It isn’t one of those light-up signs that looks run down, but it gives off a trendy vibe with the burger replacing the “o” in Pop and a jug replacing the “u” in Pub. Inventive.



Whenever I walk into Pop Burger, I always notice the contrast of the pub feel (with the relaxed furniture and abundance of wood) with the modern and innovative decorations (the wall paper and light fixtures). There’s also a fun foosball table to bring out more of the “pub” side of this burger joint. And don’t forget the fully stocked bar.




When I went to Pop Burger this past week, I ended up picking up my burger to go for a photo shoot for my site (stay tuned for pictures!). Here I am at the pick up counter oh-so eager to open that paper bag and stuff my face with ground beef.


After walking home with my friend in the humid, drizzle that swarmed in the Manhattan air, I couldn’t wait to open the bag and find my Superman Burger with no bacon and a side of fries. I usually eat my burgers sans bacon because I feel like it can sometimes take away from the flavor of the ground beef, but you guys should totally get the bacon if you like it!

First off, the “Superman Burger” is just unbelievably humungous. Literally the size of my face, or maybe a small child. So just keep that in mind when you decided to order it. The Superman Burger is an 8 oz burger with cheese, caramelized onions, fried pickles and bacon. The bun is thick and firmer than usual with a golden exterior. Biting into the Superman Burger is a challenge. You just have to open a bit wider than you usually would, but it definitely is worth it because this burger is delicious. I had mine medium rare and the beef had that great, distinct flavor that was accented so perfectly with the sweeter caramelized onions and fried pickles. The one problem with this burger is actually its size because it becomes hard to actually eat, and it is also a teensy bit over priced. Otherwise, it’s delicious.


Just look how big this burger is in my hand.


The fries were mediocre and kind of tasted a bit soggy even though I tasted them as soon as I picked up my food. I usually go for the tater tots at Pop Burger but I decided to live on the edge and go for fries today, which I regret. The tater tots are much better and I recommend getting them instead of fries.


Also, when I paid Pop Burger a visit during the summer, I ordered the lobster roll (which probably isn’t on the menu now but I feel obligated to tell you about it), and it wasn’t my favorite. To be honest, I didn’t really like it all. So basically, if you go to Pop Pub, you should probably stick with something BBQ-ish or just go with the classic burger.

Over all, I like Pop Burger because it’s a great place to chill and have a burger and/or beer during the day. However, I have noticed that it becomes quite the scene at night and unfortunately, I have not immersed myself in the Pop Pub night scene yet. But I bet it’s just as great and either way. 3.25/5

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