Whitman’s: Land of the PB&B and Home of the Juicy Lucy


406 East 9th Street

New York NY, 10009


As I have mentioned before, I love a good cheeseburger. So when my friends told me that Whitman’s has a cheeseburger full of cheese (The Juicy Lucy), I obviously fainted.

I have been to Whitman’s four times and I have always gotten the same thing: the Fried Local Pickles to start and the Bluesy Lucy Burger to finish. I know I sound boring always getting the same thing, but ya gotta do what makes you happy, right?

So anyways, Whitman’s is located in the east village of Manhattan on 9th street between 1st & 2nd Avenues. The street is full of cute little boutiques and hipster looking coffee shops, so you should venture to the location anyway even if you do not want to go to Whitman’s and enjoy a delightful burger.

While walking down 9th street, the burger joint doesn’t stand out, and if you aren’t aware that they have downstairs seating, you would probably think it had no tables for eating.


(Photo credit: bestburgernyc.com )


(Photo credit here)

But, that’s why I’m here: to tell you that they do have downstairs seating (not a ton, but it can fit a pretty good amount of people). The upstairs feels like a quaint little burger joint with a cute little brick wall on the right hand side and white, shiny bricks on the left wall. However, downstairs, it feels cozy with wooden tables and chairs/booths with a tiny underground window.


(Photo credit: Oasis or Mirage)

When it comes to food, Whitman’s has really unique and tasty burgers that are completely affordable with the most expensive dish being $12.00.

As I said before, I usually order the Fried Local Pickles for my appetizer. They are fried to be crispy, but not too much to ruin the flavor and texture of the pickle that lays beneath the cooked batter. Also, the fried shell extinguishes some of the intense pickle vinegar so that the vinegar does not end up being the only ingredient that one can taste. The fried pickles melt in your mouth like potato chips and are almost a little bit sweet. They are served with a sweet, orange cream sauce that enhances the flavor nicely.


Finally, for my burger, I picked the top secret Bluesy Lucy. The Bluesy Lucy is a spin off of the original Juicy Lucy (a cheeseburger with American cheese cooked inside that gushes out when bitten into). The Bluesy Lucy is different because instead of having American cheese in the center, it is filled with warm, creamy blue cheese that tastes 10x better (only if you’re a blue cheese fan). If you’re not a blue cheese fan, go with the Juicy Lucy.

This is very strange because it was taken at my friend’s birthday dinner (she decided to use a festive camera) and also this picture makes me look like an extreme brunette (which I am not), but that is not the point. The point of this photo is obviously the beautiful burger that I am about to eat. At the time, I was so serious about my dining extravaganza that I forgot to be excited. You can see that in my face.


The one problem with Whitman’s is that its not vegetarian friendly at all. So, to all you vegetarians and vegans out there, this is sadly not the place for you. I mean, you could still go for the fried pickles, but Whitman’s is known for its creative burgers (I have yet to try the PB &B Burger which sounds creative). Also, like many other restaurants in the city, there will probably be a wait on weekend evenings, so plan accordingly. All in all, if you’re an alive meat-eating human being in the New York City area, please put “dining at Whitman’s” on your bucket list.

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