Think Coffee (4th Ave and12th St.)

Think Coffee

123 4th Avenue

New York, NY 10003

I decided to spend my hour and a half break between classes at Think Coffee on 4th Avenue & 12th Street. There are five Think Coffee’s in New York (and one randomly placed in Seoul, Korea), so I just thought I’d throw the address out there because each one could have a different vibe.

I came into the coffee shop desperately needing a cappuccino because caffeine tends to help my ADHD tendencies and I needed to finish an assignment for class. So, I walk in and to my surprise, there were quite a few tables open (which is very unique for trendy New York coffee shops). Anyways, I couldn’t help but realize Jason Derulo’s song “Watcha Say” playing on the loud speaker and the lack of people who were actually doing work. Definitely more of a “go meet your friends for a cappuccino” place. The shop seemed to have a modern feel in the front and more vintage and cozy vibe in the back.

( From my Instagram: @nycdining )

(the back of the store — better to do work back there)

I ordered a Skinny Iced Cappuccino and it took about five minutes to be made. I tend to sweeten every coffee drink I have, so I forgot to taste it unsweetened, but with 2 Splenda, this iced cappuccino was great. The one problem was the foam overload (as you can see), but otherwise it was a very good iced cappuccino in that it was a perfect balance of creaminess and espresso flavor. If you do not like to sweeten your coffee, I bet it is wonderful unsweetened as well.

 ( Also taken on my Instagram: @nycdining )
To be honest, I could not actually think at Think Coffee because of the loud pop music that was booming out of every corner of the shop. I began to feel as if I was drinking coffee in Abercrombie instead of a coffee shop, but that feeling soon faded when the man next to me made a comment about the music and it just stopped all together. Once the music subsided, I started being productive and was able to finish my assignment and cappuccino with ample time left to get to class.
Think Coffee on 4th Ave. is more appropriate for social matters instead of school ones. ★★½

One thought on “Think Coffee (4th Ave and12th St.)

  1. Terrible service. Staff were extremely rude and most of the items on the chalk board weren’t available and it was around 9:30am. The coffee was delicious and the good was average. Due to the staffs demeanor I will never go back!

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