Pierre Loti Wine Bar (Irving Pl.)

Pierre Loti Wine Bar

53 Irving Place

New York NY, 10003


Drinking/Dining Experience: ★★★ — great cheeses
Budget: $$$ — depends on wine selection

If you’re in the mood for a Sunday Funday but you don’t feel like getting wasted and drinking beer, a wine bar is probably the best choice.

I had been to Pierre Loti Wine Bar before; the atmosphere is very relaxed and bohemian and it’s the perfect place to go on a date, a friend date, or just to hangout with a bunch of friends. Basically it’s a chill place to hangout and indulge in a nice glass of wine.

Outside there is a cased off outdoor eating area with booths that have red, vintage cushions and a table in between. There is plenty of outdoor space, so utilize it while the weather is still nice! The inside has a nice romantic and peaceful vibe with dim lights, candles, wooden tables, and a nice full bar (obviously the best part).

The first time I went to Pierre Loti, it was a Friday night in the middle of June. I ended up getting two glasses of the Clifford Bay Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand (Clifford Bay, Avatere, Marlborough, 2009). The wine is produced from grapes grown in the Awatere Valley which were grown in the Marlborough region of New Zealand (more info here).It was a great Sauvignon Blanc, not too sweet or too strong. Each glass was one that I could sip and fully enjoy the taste more than the effect of the wine. (Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of my glass of wine, but I attached a link to the footnote where they show a photo of the bottle and it provides more information).

The second time I went to Pierre Loti was a couple weeks ago on a Sunday evening. Being the first day of football season, the Union Square area was going crazy with drunk straight guys (yes, I said straight guys) and girls who spent their days drinking pitchers of beer. My girlfriends and I opted for another route and decided to go to the wine bar for a nice relaxing catch-up session.

We ordered the White Wine Sangria, which is unfortunately not on the online menu, but I guarantee it exists.


(thats me on the right hay)

The sangria had grapes and apples in it and tasted very sweet (kind of like grape juice), but not too intense. It was very refreshing and perfect for a Sunday evening to wind down and relax. And the fruit was deliciously soaked in wine and tasted delicious when our glasses were empty.


We ended up getting hungry and ordering a cheese plate (unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that either), but trust me when I say that the Brie was absolutely divine. We went with the 5 for $20 deal and ordered 4 cheeses and prosciutto. For our cheese we asked for two orders of the Brie de Nangus, one order of Stravecchio, and an order of the Le Chevrot. And like I said, we went with the Prosciutto di Parma.

It took a little while for our cheese to come out, but when it did, the world stopped spinning. It was just three blonde girls vs. the cheese plate (or maybe it was just me but …whatever). We forgot about everything else. Also, they give you complimentary warm and soft raisin bread (my favorite kind ever) so it was amazing. The brie was phenomenal. It was rich, creamy and had a buttery taste to it that went perfectly with the prosciutto and the raisin bread. (Thinking about it now makes me hungry and I just ate dinner). The Stravecchio was a harder cheese that was similar to Parmesan, but not as strong and a bit sweeter. The Le Chevrot was great as well and very different from traditional goat cheese. It was not as tart as the goat cheese that we are used to. It was creamy and mild and also tasted great with the prosciutto. Lastly, the Priosciutto di Parma was as good as it gets. It was not too dry and the fat quells the salty flavor of the meat.

After we were finished our meal, we ended up going to Brother Jimmy’s (another bar on Union Square), but it was nice to start our Sunday Funday with a relaxing glass (or two..or three) of Sangria at this amazingly chill wine spot. The downside is the lack of real food, and some of the wine is bit pricey, but I still recommend everyone try this wine bar at least once.

Drinking/Dining Experience: ★★★ — great cheeses
Budget: $$$ — depends on wine selection

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