La Colombe: (W 4th and Lafayette)

 La Colombe Torrefaction

400 Lafayette Street

New York, NY 10003

There is a plethora of coffee shops in New York and I rarely visit the same one twice, unless I am in a hurry. When it comes to sitting down and enjoying a nice cappuccino, I like to explore the different places that the city has to offer. I almost always follow this rule except when it comes to my all time (conveniently located) favorite: La Colombe Torrefaction on the corner of West 4th and Lafayette.

The first time I passed La Colombe, I looked into the large glass windows and saw a bunch of people at the coffee bar or sitting at the nice round-edged, wooden tables drinking coffee out of their quaint black & white coffee dishes.

(Photo credit: Infinite Zest — great photos, you should all check it out!)

When it comes to coffee shops, it’s all about the atmosphere, and La Colombe’s is great. When you step inside, you can still feel the sunlight hit your cheeks and a relaxing, hip energy begin to take over your usual busy New York self. It is the classic scene where New Yorkers come to get their daily dose of caffeine (obviously), do work, talk to friends or just stand at the bar and have a moment of solitude before heading back to the office.

La Colombe has a classy and trendy way about it (and the prices are the same as any other coffee shop, so you might as well feel classy and cool for the same price).

I usually order a cappuccino, iced cappuccino or latte there (because I am blatantly obsessed with espresso but I have heard that the regular coffee is great as well). Here is a photo of my cappuccino. (Check out Timeout New York for some more photos that I, unfortunately, forgot to capture during my previous visits.)


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When it comes to food, they have a small selection of cookies and croissants/pastries and the almond croissant and olive oil bread are to die for. Also, on weekends it tends to be very crowded and you might have to wait for a seat. But then again, this is New York, the land where it is actually impossible to find a great coffee shop with ample seating on Saturday and Sundays. But don’t worry, spots do clear up and it is definitely a great place to unwind during your moment of free time. The one down side is that it closes particularly early for a coffee shop (6:30 PM). But otherwise, go check it out!

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