Frozen Artichoke Pizza: A New York Tragedy

     Like no one else I know, I am totally obsessed with Artichoke Basille’s Pizza. It’s just my fave thing. See:

Don’t judge.

K. So anyways, when I found out they had a new FROZEN PIZZA THAT YOU COULD MAKE IN YOUR OWN HOME, I cried a bit. Then I worried about how fat i would get. Then I cheered out loud and danced a bit. So basically this was a big deal for me. So I buy the pizza and awkwardly have a photoshoot of the box as I am leaving the Food Emporium because that’s just how I am.

Then I decided to make it the next day because I couldn’t wait any longer and sometimes a second dinner just isn’t a bad idea. I anxiously wait for the pizza to be ready after 12 minutes of cooking on 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This was the result.

Looks fine (at best), but as an Artichoke lover and obsessor, I knew it wouldn’t make the cut because those orange things (sorry don’t know what they are) are not usually in a piece of classic store-bought Artichoke pizza. So I try it and to my dismay, it was not half as good as a regular piece of Artichoke pizza. It was much sweeter and tasted more of chemicals than cream sauce.

This is what it should be:

I am so sorry to inform all of you Artichoke lovers out there (and I know some of you are closeted fans so don’t pretend this doesn’t apply to you) that the frozen classic Artichoke pizza gets a 3/10. It is edible, but nothing will ever beat the classic, creamy Artichoke pizza that has my heart.

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