Burger Creations: Serving Heaven on a Brioche Bun

Burger Creations

52 East 8th Street

New York NY, 10003


I love every food out there, but my favorite thing in the world is a nice juicy cheeseburger. I just love the taste of ground beef with the (usually American) cheese and how it blends so nicely with every flavor that is smacked between each side of the bun.

I first ventured to Burger Creations for breakfast (yes, these kinds of things happen) when I was seventeen years old and visiting a friend who lived nearby.  Now that I live in the city, it is dangerous that Burger Creations is within my reach because I am so in love with the quality burgers that they make.

I am disappointed in myself that I never have tried anything besides the simple cheeseburger (with American cheese) with avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup and mayo. This may sound plain, but oh my god it is so good and so fresh. I cannot emphasize the word fresh enough. Every burger I have had (even the one I ordered online to be delivered to my doorstep….do NOT judge) has been so fresh and the bun is still warm having been perfectly pressed on the fryer with a hint of grease on it. Each bun is crispy and golden but still perfectly soft.


I order my burgers medium rare, so every time I have them they are juicy and I can taste the distinct ground beef flavor with and without condiments. The fries are also the best fries I have ever had because they are perfectly crispy and soft and have crunchy residue on the outside. They are also always golden and perfectly cooked. Also, one time I had a cookies & cream milk shake with my burger and fries (also for breakfast) and it was so creamy and perfectly blended, not too thick or thin.


This is me with my classic cheeseburger at Burger Creations. I was so excited to eat it that I forgot to take my sunglasses off. That’s how good it is.  Also, all NYU students get 10% off! Everyone needs to go!

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